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Website Guide

About Us  :  How it all started.

Search Bar  :  Simply select the artistís name from a drop-down menu. Search by the first name or the last name.

Visit :  Our new collection of artworks by upcoming and aspiring artist. Here you can also purchase the artworks online.

View Our Gallerie   :  View snapshots of our gallery, ongoing shows and a lot more.

Gallerieís Floor Plan  :  Floor plan of gallery in pdf format.

Art Info  :  News on happenings in the Art World that you should know about.

Care & Conservation  :  Tips on how on taking care and handling of your paintings.

Contact Us  :  All the details needed.

Guest Book  :  Get involved with us and get updates on all the latest artworks; comment on a work and more. Become a life member and it takes less than a minute.

How to order  :  How to order an artwork made simple, clear and safe.

Login  :  Existing members login here or new users can create an account here.

Website Guide  :  Tips for smooth navigation of our site.

Contains all the artistís first name arranged in an alphabetical order.

Name of the Artist  :  Opens up the zoom page. Here you can see all the artworks of the Artist one at-a-time using the next/previous button. You can also zoom in on the artworks. It has all the details about the artwork.

Clicking on the the  Enquire Now button (anywhere in the website) takes you to another page where you can enquire about the prices of the current artistís works or any other (up to five) artists artworks.

You can also click on the Next Artist/Previous Artist buttons and browse the artworks of other Artists in an alphabetical order.

View Art Works  :  View the all art works of the artist.

View Profile  :  View the profile, portrait and works of the artist.

Contains a list of all the past and the upcoming events, arranged chronologically. The default view is 10 shows but can be changed to 20; 30; or all the shows.

 Shows the latest 10 artworks uploaded in the site. The view can be changed to show 20; 30 or all the latest artworks in the page.

Shows all the available artworks. The default view is 10 available artworks but can be changed to 20; 30; or all available artworks.

Shows all the artworks of the gallery (including the sold and not available artworks). The default view is 10 artworks but can be changed to 20; 30; or all artworks.

Current artworks available at amazing offers are displayed on this page.

Our new collection of artworks by upcoming and aspiring artist. You can also purchase the artworks online using PayPal, credit card or bank transfers.
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