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 Thota Vaikuntam


          Thota Vaikunthamís works bear a profound richness produced by the contrasting primary colours, the ornaments and the caste marks. His characters, often womenfolk from the rural Andhra Pradesh are marked with an earthy voluptuousness, following a tradition of folk art. Fluid lines, flat colours, broad figures and the occasional details such as gold jewellery or a parrot are a signature mark of the artist. Vaikunthamís characters express themselves by their gesticulations and not by their faces. The rather expressionless faces are complemented by the verbosity of the gesture clusters.

His artworks were exhibited in the exhibition "Sublime Countours" at Mon Art Gallerie.

Jagannath Paul


          Jagannath Paulís art articulates the belief that certain creative principles exist eternally.  These principles are preserved in the collective consciousness embodied in myths which somehow capture the essence of these underlying thoughts and ideas.  Idiosyncrasies of time and place prove to be ephemeral: they arise, flourish for a while and then disappear.  The dramas reenacted in Paulís works do not.  Instead they recreate the eternal paradigms in constantly changing variations and degrees.  Art, for Paul, involves a rediscovery and a revelation of the eternal paradigms, which exist in that dimension of infinitely expanded space and time.

His artworks were exhibited in the exhibition "Mythical Paradigms" at Mon Art Gallerie.

Bipul Roy


          Bipul Roy applies water colour in light transparent washes. The softness and translucence of the medium induces a kind of dreamy environment transforming the naturalistic ambience towards an impressionistic meditative lyricism. This is true particularly about his landscape paintings. He loves to paint landscapes since his early college days. Through imaginative application of chromatic wash and creating areas of highlight leaving white space of the paper he creates a kind of duality of the space and the void. This duality reflects the essence of his personality, his dream, his love for nature. His landscapes are mostly silent and contemplative, particularly the hilly landscapes of North Bengal. Apart from the landscapes of Dooars, Darjeeling and North Bengal in general in this show we also find his water colour landscapes of the city of Kolkata. Through working with these landscapes and cityscapes he tries to enter into the deeper reality of the country, its inner beauty and contradiction. His dreams for beauty and ideal states of being play an important role in this genre of painting.

His artworks were exhibited in the exhibition "Dream and Destination" at Mon Art Gallerie.
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